Did anyone update their linkedin profile?

Exactly how do you do this? The only way i can figure out is by adding “, CFA” to my last name, so now my name is “dean99, CFA.” Is this how others are doing it? It does seem a bit much because everything now says “dean99, CFA would like to invite you to his network” or “dean99, CFA is now connected to XXX” . . . .

I added “, CFA” to my last name and updated the certification category. I see a lot of people include it in the Education category but the certifications seemed more appropriate.

Thanks, that’s what I did too, but it just seems a bit much. I don’t want my friends to think that I’m trying to rub it in their face or anything . . . .

Here’s the CFA Institute guidelines.


Updated by adding the “, CFA” after my lastname. Have CFA listed in Education and Certification (both places), though CFAI endorses putting it only under the certificate section.

I have it in the certificate section and also in the summary section. thought about the “, CFA” after my last name but haven’t done it yet. also added to my work email signature.

I thought it might make me sound a tad pretentious too (adding to last name on LinkedIn, as opposed to just in the certification section). But I said, F that noise, I worked hard for this… I deserve the recognition.

I stuck to the institute recommendation only. However, if I ever am seriously looking for a new opportunity, I might add it to my name too, just to make it more obvious.

I got it on my name too, but hey, this is Linkedin, not Facebook. The investment profession on the Internet is very competitive – why not show what you’ve got?

I tacked it onto my last name too. It’s linked in, it’s for a professional environment.

If someone tacked it on their Facebook name, then you can call them a tool

added to my name. Waiguy, CFA. Its publicity for self and firm your working. Especially if you’r in a smaller setup. Added to certification section, not education, along with year of receiving charter - out of respect for older charterholders. Anyone use CFA logo?

I will probably add it after my last name - many people seem to do it like that. Proud to carry the three letters after my name after all the hard work!

Add it to last name, acceptable for LinkedIn (professional networking), not for Facebook (personal life). And of course add it to Certification section.

No way I’m updating anything till I get the email from the Institute explicitly stating I have been awarded the Charter and can use the letters. Not risking anything this late.

Where is this “certification” section? I can’t see it. I definitely added it to my last name and I joined the CFA Charterholders group.

You ll have to add a section.

I just called CFAI. They said they have had some trouble with sending out the emails (big surprise there) but if you log in to the website and you have CFA next to your name, you can update linkedin, business cards etc.