Did anyone use the IFT video lecture series for L3? Thoughts?

I liked his videos for 2, but felt sometimes he skimmed over areas. Did anyone use him for 3 and have any suggestions?

Yea, L1 L2 was good with IFT. No clue about L3. Hoping someone could shed some light on this.

I watched them. They’re good for review and getting repetition with material. No offense to him, great guy I am sure, but the videos are boring. Good to listen to in the car or while lying down or something though.

i relied heavily on IFT videos this year. some sections I didn’t even read in the curriculum or elsewhere - just watched videos and then solved EOC. only when it wasn’t enough, dug deeper into the curricuculum for specific subjects. turned out to be a huge timesaver and allowed to do all mocks I could reach in the last month. passed.

last year watched schweser videos and read curriculum, and did very few mocks. felt completely lost in AM, as if I’ve never heard of what the question was asking about. left 2 entire questions blank. did good in PM, but still failed.

what I liked most about IFT videos is that he is explaining based on actual examples from the curriculum - and has a talent to explain complicated looking things in simple, understandable words. def recommended.

Thanks both!

Whatever you decide on rex, I highly recommend at least buying the Crash Course. The review videos going through past AM exam questions are great. Then you can use the shorter summary videos for faster overview reviews or for audio like I did. I can’t comment on the quality of his primary full package lesson videos though.

Used IFT videos throughout and passed Level 1 (Dec 2015), Level 2 (June 2016) and Level 3 (June 2017). I have no regrets! The guy is talented in explaining seemigly complex situations and follows the chronology of the curriculum!

You can find my review on my prep using IFT and CFA materials here

I relied on his videos and the crash course. Great stuff but yes as someone pointed out tad boring. Solely relying on his videos also not recommended. He is aligned to the curriculum which is a major plus point.

videos are good review tools, but not, imho, the primary tool – you need to read and write to abide…

I won’t recommend IFT for Level 3. Schweser notes along with the CFA text is a perfect combination. I only found IFT useful for L1 and L2. Since, L3 is more theory, you will find schweser notes much easier/to the point.

Highly recommended. IFT’s study materials helped me prepare well for the exam.

Do not recommend Schweser for L3.

Scheweser also has video and audio! do you know how it compares? I will do a quick read throught the CFAI cirriculum from sept to November but real studying will start january when I want to utilize vidoes and notes… but having a tough time chosing between IFT, Kaplan Sheweser, LevelUp, and Wiley

I used scheweser notes from 2015 and the curriculum for 2017 but failed band 8 more so due to lack of AM practice (left last 3 questions blank), but had I written anything for those and passed would have been mariginal pass… I want to be well above the MPS next year and looking to use the best time efficient providers…I know this topic has been beaten to death and everyone has different experience but finding it all too overwhelming to choose a 3rd party provider…

I stronlgy recommend IFT. Torwards exam time, he releases crash courses, buy those its a MUST have especially when he takes a reading, goes through all past AM papers on that reading. That saved my life! Problem is to remember the curriculum for AM. The crash course is very handy in this respect