Did anything weird that happen at Toronto site?

Anything funny happen at Direct Energy? I was hoping something sketchy would happen, but other than the fire alarm at the end of PM session, nothing interesting happened that would have put some excitement into the dull exam day…

It seemed pretty straight forward. The alarm at the end was retarded, i am glad it happened at the end though.

Now that i think about it, there were a few weird people i saw writing. 1. One girl, she looked like she was 15-16, i have no idea how she even enrolled. 2. A few seats away from me there was a guy that came to the exam wearing a wife beater and a bandana (thug for life) 3. Guy in a suit 4. A bunch of people who looked like they just came to Canada (a few days ago) and the first thing they did was sign up for the exam. Their English was poor at best, they had no idea what they were doing. One of them showed up late to the AM and ran in a zig zag pattern between the desks (that was tripped out).

We had a guy in a suit too! He buddies were laughing their heads off at him.

I saw the guy in the suit and the thug! I agree lots of people seemed to have poor english, but that can only help us I did not like the one proctor around row 15 … I believe he was more to the right so 14…he was a bit older, wearing orange and looked like he hated the world for the 6 hours we were there

lmao, the guy with the grey hair? I was watching him in the PM, he went up to a girl who brought about 20 pencils wrapped in an elastic band and took the elastic…that was a “WTF moment”. The blond proctor in row 14 was pretty hot.

i saw the guy in the suit!! what is the point of wearing an uncomfortable suit?

Yes that guy took an elastic away from the girl sitting beside me as well The blonde was nice…there was a brown haired one that came by a couple times only that wasn’t too bad herself

You know because he just came from the RBC tower after working until 5am on a potential acquisition and S#i$… There were tons of weird people to say the least. I wasn’t the least bit surprised by the demographics, very representative of what my undergrad was. 50% Asian 50% mix of everything There were more females than i thought though, but as expected half of the writers were 4th year university students.

I’m one of those university students. I was a bit surprised by the demographics…I’m from Northern Ontario, not Toronto, so I wasn’t expecting such a large Asian population…I knew there’d be quite a few but there were way more than I thought

There were more asians than calculators. Nah just joking… but I did end up lending my calculator… to who? you guessed it an Asian. The second we were told to leave I bolted to my car but no luck, still waited 20 minutes to get out.

In my centre, my friends saw one guy copying and also disturbing others by making weird noices. He complained to one of those invigilators there. The invigilator “requested” the guy not to copy or make noices. !! F’ck. And he did not even stop after tat. No idea wat kind of losers want to copy in an exam like CFA.