Did everyone give D a good send-off?

i wanted to give a few extra D’s where I had no idea and it was down to pure chance. Anyone else do this? But in general it looked like D was probably quite underrepresented, which I felt was a little sad.

for me it was A tons of Bs and Cs

Yeah, I noticed that on L3 too this year. Maybe they were already doing the 3-answer format this year, but we didn’t know it. Very few Ds it seemed this time around. Bye bye Mr. D.!

omg, I’m so glad that wasn’t just me!! The B’s and C’s outweighed the D’s by a long way. I think the A’s were in their ‘expected region’ of about 30 per exam, but I think I had lots of b’s and c’s and maybe only 18 D’s on the first half. This was really worrying me but I tried not to focus on it cause it doesn’t really mean anything. I think it was psychological!

it’s comforting to hear there are a lot of B’s and C’s - I also tried not to look at that… but it’s hard not to esp. when if you’ve answered these consecutively… I wanted to hug D out, but no… this was not the case.

I think it makes sense there are lots of Bs and Cs since all those “x thinks this and y thinks this. Is”: X Correct Y correct no no yes no no yes yes yes questions, the answer more times than not is a yes and a no.

I had lots of Bs anc Cs as well. haha u cant let this stuff get to ur head though.

I actually didn’t notice the qty of each answer. Generally I don’t pay attention to that during M/C exams. There’s bigger things to worry about, and paying attention to thinks like that more often then not just leads to you trying to outsmart yourself…

I do remember getting quite a few strings of Bs. Freaked me out a little…

I had several 4-long B sequences

MaxIm Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I had several 4-long B sequences I did too. I hate noticing stuff like that during the exam because I begin to second guess myself.

I totally noticed filing in B’s…esp. in the PM session

same here B B B B and more B’s, basically if you dont know the answer it’s prolly B or is it?

CFA=NOLIFE Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > same here B B B B and more B’s, basically if you > dont know the answer it’s prolly B or is it? In college, it was usually C for me. On this test, if I had to make an educated guess and got the answers down to B and anything else, I usually chose B.

How many questions were there per column (except last one), I believe 18? In AM exam, with exception of first and last columns, Bs and Cs were dominant. It seems to me that As and Ds were in low teems each. However, at one point when I started growing concerned, I had A A D sequence. While, unintentional it definitely helped me to calm down. PM part was similar, but I think the distribution of answers was more even.

I actually had a lot of D’s in the morning section, but got concerned when I started having excess B’s in the afternoon.

this year, it is B.