Did I screw up? Responded 4 days after invitation

I’ve been actively job looking for the past month. Last week I had a healthcare corp dev interview. On Friday of last week, I received an email asking if I would be interested in a second interview that would have been scheduled to take place on Monday or Tuesday.

The issue is that I never saw it in my inbox until 4 days later for 2 reasons - 1) I’m doing double the work (very long hours on week days and weekends) because our sr. corp strat analyst is leaving us and has been training for his new role, and 2) it never showed up as an unread message in my inbox and I’m not sure why. Four days later (yesterday), I saw the email and apologized for a delayed response and explained there has been a real time crunch on my end due to quarter end and picking up slack for a position that recently became available. I recommended several times that I’d be available to talk; however, if those don’t work then I will essentially make any time they suggest work for me at this point.

Did I screw up? It has been a day and I haven’t heard back. For those of you who do interviews, what are your thoughts on this?

Did they not provide a phone contact? Anyhow, give them a few days, maybe they’re working on scheduling. In the future be more on top of your emails.

A phone number was provided for the director, but the Sr. VP’s, who’d be conducting the second interview, phone number wasn’t provided.

Ironically, I had been checking my email every for a second interview request from. After how many days do you say, “This is enough. We’re going to proceed with another candidate?”

I would say give them another day or two and then follow-up with them via phone or email. Most places don’t take offense if you don’t reply right away, but 4 days is a long time. Of course you did explain your situation and the company should understand unless they are on a tight timeline for hiring.

I would call tomorrow actually. Don’t make a lot of excuses, just say you apologize for the initial delay, you’re very interested and wanted to follow up in person to express your interest in another round of interviews if that is still available. Be prepared to be personable.

I would just wait and follow up with a call in one or two days, as others have mentioned. Don’t apologize again. You don’t owe them anything and it reeks of desperation. They wouldn’t have reached out to you if they weren’t interested. It’s not like the job market is swimming with available and capable candidates, with the lowest unemployment rate in about 50 years.

I just received an email from the SVP. “We’ve already decided on final rounds, unfortunately. We appreciate your interest in XYZ Company and we’ll stay in touch when we have another role come up in the future.”

Ah man, sorry to hear that.

It’s ok… I have a final round interview lined up for another corp dev position…I can’t say that I’m not dissappointed though, as this was the role I wanted more. Sh!t happens, and it’ll be a lesson learned.

Definitely made a mistake there, but it happens. Semi good news is that there are tons of p*ssed off employees in banks this year and I that tends to lead to turnover in February or March…