Did Not Pass, Did Worse Than I Thought

I actually felt pretty good during the exam. There was only maybe 2 questions that I totally had no idea about. Yet the actual result wasn’t even close to passing. I must have fallen for the trick answers quite a bit.

I scored over 70% in 4 topics. Scored seemingly perfect on economics, but absolutely crashed on Corporate Finance.

Kinda disheartening. I wish I could see the solutions to the exam questions to understand what I did wrong.

Now that you know what to look for, you will pass the next time. Focus on those weak areas and read every question twice.

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The CFA exams demand you to come to a full understanding of your weak areas to pass - I’m serious, you’re going up against other people who put in the time and effort to learn it, so they won’t pass you until you demonstrate your competence as well.

Not saying you can ease up on the topics you scored well on next time, but you need to put in the time until you have that “Ah-hah” moment in Corp finance for example.

I failed level 2 in what’s called “band 10” in 2017, but came back the next year and made that paper my little beeyatch, and believe you me, if I can do it, you can too.

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