Did Schweser recycle 2011 videos into 2012?

I have the 2011 videos and I am trying to decide if I should buy the 2012.

I got to take a glance at the 2012 videos at a friend’s but did not watch them because I think that would be a violation since they are for his own use and not audience viewing.

The things Andrew Holmes said sounded so familier, I am almost sure they used the same videos from 2011.

Can someone confirm they did this, and if so, how much of the videos are recycled.

My question will also be same? Btn I am using 2011 videos till now since I wanted to start early…I hope videos have not changed much in 2012… Any clue?

Same question for me too please…I used the Schweser videos for L2 as a first-pass of the material and found it made my work a lot easier…Prof. Andrew Holmes taught most of the stuff in there and that really made the difference bcos he is really awesome (a lot of people concur with this statement)… However, it seems for L3, theres a Greg Filbeck who teaches most of the videos and just ends up reading the stuff from the screen…very disappointing if this is indeed the case, and i definitely wouldn’t be buying the videos then…could someone please advise?

Well if the curriculum doesn’t change for many sections, they prob will just recycle them