Did Tom Clark Pass?

Where are you bro? Let me give you a big celebratory hug (yes homo).



did you add him on facebook?

Seriously, I got nothing but love for you, Tom Clarke. I hope your exam went as well as mine did.

who in green hell is tom clark

My advice for TRH… Let it go homie


Yeah, I guess I just have to realize that Tom Clark “just isn’t into me.”

he did not pass - randomly came across this thread and checked his linkedin profile. still a candidate.

maybe his golf game is still good.

mb he couldnt afford the fees?

or he is tied down in TRH’s basement and hasnt had a chance to update his linkedin?

Tis true - I did not pass the June exam. I’m happy Righteous passed - anyone taking these exams knows better than to root against someone.

I’ve registered for the test next June but I guess I’m a little behind in updating my LinkedIn profile.

I’m going to try and have a social life until about February - see you guys around then.

-Tom Clark

May I suggest November? (which is almost over, BTW)