Did we all take the exact same test?

Did we take the exam same test? Weren’t there multiple versions?

2020 2121 and 1010 1111 - 2 different sets at the minimum. same questions,different input data. good trick by cfai

I had 2020 and 2121, I think they probably also had the same questions but with different qualifying words, not sure though

Robb, I know of atleast 5 questions which had numbers switched.I am pretty sure I got them right -since the options/answers to the questions themselves were different between some of the 2020/1010

Its good to know that there were different tests because im sure I got some questions right (or at least I hope so) but then reading other people’s accounts I start to doubt it. I figure there no point thinking about, just wait for the results!! its either going to be L2 in June or L1. If it is level 1 again at least studying for it will be easier

I think there are different versions to preventt people from cheating. I had 2020 and 2121. Sat for the paper in Singapore.

Which section were you at hydrogenrainbow? How did you find it?

Huh? What do u mean by which section?I was in section d, singapore expo. i bombed the morning paper. bleah. totally floored by it man. :frowning: i hope my afternoon can save me

not in the same section as you…but i messed up the first paper but second paper was alright…oh well

I sat in section B… Found the morning one much easier than the afternoon one… but then that might also be cuz i was literally falling asleep in the afternoon…

i guess they use the same test series i.e. either the 20xxx or the 10xxx series throughout the location. i doubt they would use both 20 and 10 series in one location.

I am wonddering even, if in 1 test center there are multiple vresions of the paper, with the order of the questions is changed ( just like the SATs) so tthat people cant tkae a peek at the other person’s paper. Hmmm.

yeh that reassures me…i was starting to stress when i read that everyone got heaps of D’s in the morning section…

Heh, same here. I started getting freaked out when people here seemed to be talking gibberish to me. LOL. But yeah, there are different versions of the paper.