Did we decide if we have to unlever and lever beta?

I HATE the unlevering and levering equations.

they will probably ask you for the unlevered beta… however, given that this isnt in an LOS, I’m betting we don’t see it (it isnt in Schweser for this reason).

Good call!

don’t quote me on that though–i don’t want to be blamed if this is actually on there:) I would make sure that you know the formula…

I understand, I agree, it’s not in the LOS. At this point in time, I don’t really want to deal with it.

i tinkered around a bit Ba=Be[e/{e + d(1-t)}] “BaBe” B = Beta , e=equity, a=asset hope i remembered it right maybe a silly way to remember but its 2am here so dont blame me