Did we ever find out what happened to the rewards?

I just hit 2,000. I think I was up for the bag? or maybe the travel kit?

I never got my dopp kit and I’m never going to forgive Chad.

Also, this belongs in the Feedback Forum.

I wear my shirt all the time.

I have two shirts, playing cards, and the koozies.

put up my dopp kit on ebay, got 300 for it

I don’t know if I’ve gotten anything. I always thought you guys were joking about rewards. Guess they are real?

They are real… got my kit for 500 pts. Women get more rewards being that we are extra special for putting up with the lot of you. Apparently (although it was only hinted) I get an all expenses paid trip to Tokyo when I hit 2000.


Triple, to be exact

but ya’ll keep coming back.

they used to award kittens but someone complained. *cough* krnyc *cough*

We just can’t get enough of you!

Can I get a puppy instead? Italian Greyhound please :slight_smile:

They should be giving oxypowder instead.

What kind of proof do you have to submit to show that you’re female and get the triple points? :o)

Analyst Forum: Study together, blast out your ass together.

I got my 500 and 1000 reward. Can’t wait for the big 2k!!

Can I donate my points to charity in exchange for a tax write-off?

I LOL’ed, in a meeting.