Did you all see Travis Scott’s side chick rojean kar?

Now that’s what you call empire building!


would you cheat on Kylie for this?

wow face is scary. everything else 10/10

I’ve been thinking a lot. And I don’t like girls that Are fake as in plastic surgery. I need a natural pretty girl. Would not hit.

She seems nice.

She’s hideous. So much work she looks trans.

i mean there is something appealing with the fakeness. like i get it. in a lot of photos she can look amazing. the big pouty lips with the duck face looks hot. but in some photos i get an uneasy feeling about it because you see the fakeness. i cannot describe it. like if you take away all the work done. all the make up. all the bells and whistles. you’ll be left with something you dont like.

Uncanny valley style fake

You beat me to it.

Those fake looks don’t age well. If they go outside in the rain and the hair product and 8 layers of drywall on their face melt off you’d be terrified.

Anyhow, just personal preference but even when it looks good by general standards, I hate the overdone look, different strokes for different folks but I’ve always gone for the jeans, sneakers, t-shirt baseball hat cute girl next door type.

Ya the fake nails, eyelashes just looks terrible. I much prefer natural beauty.

Too fake for me, but I guess I can see the appeal for some people.