Did you bomb level three after "ace-ing" one and two?

How do you know you aced one and two? Even if your matrix showed mostly or all 70+ you could have squeaked by for all you know. Right? I always assumed I just squeaked by. Made sure my subconscious had no sense of entitlement for the next level. Just food for thought after reading a lot of comments along the lines of “I rocked one and two then failed level three band x therefore it must be the test, format, fairness, etc.” I would argue that if you use the matrix for anything more than judging performance on individual sections, you are not grasping some basic concepts that are important for success in level three and portfolio management in general. Now on an aggregate level, matrices can be used to flush out the mps to a very tight range.

I found it much harder to remember material for Level 3. I also found that I needed a lot more help to tackle the format of the morning exam. Can’t blame the format of the exam, but one has to learn how to take that morning session. Any specific preparation and test taking tips?

yes >70 in every single section on Level II, passed fine Level II, band 4 level 3. go figure