Did you estimate your # right in the exam?

After every question I marked it with a CHECK if I am 90% sure I nailed it, and an X if I was any less than 90% sure. Many of those X’s I was pretty sure of, but couldn’t say it with certainty. I then went back and added up all the checks, and about 40% of the X’s to estimate what my score might be. I think my results were 84 & 89. I am very scared.

Haha, Ya I did something similar. I marked a 1 next to the question if I eliminated the other two answers and was sure. A 2 if I could eliminate 1 answer. A 3 if I wasn’t sure and had to completely guess. Then I gave myself a point for each 1, half a point for each 2, and a third of a point for each 3. Just using statistics if I my guessing was online with the percentages. I got in the high 90’s with my estimated scores, but I am pretty sure I probably missed a few I was sure I got right. So I adjusted it and gather I am in the mid to upper 80’s, low 90’s. That is total correct, not % I feel good, but I am a nervous person by nature, I cannot wait to find out my score. Very scared

Dude 84 and 89? Chill out and relax. I started doing that but was running out of time. Here are my estimates of Qs missed on both AM + PM: Ethics 6 Quant 5 Econ 8 FRA/CF 20 PM 2 FI 4 Equities 0 AI 0 Derivatives 0 I think I missed around 45 questions. I know I destroyed the asset valuation section on both exams. So I figure I’ve got a 25 question buffer.

Interesting. I would say as that i am unsure of the following :- Ethics 12 Quant 7 Econ 12 FRA/CF 24 PM 4 FI 6 Equities 5 AI 3 Derivatives 6 Total Number of unsures = 79~80 Which makes my score ~160. Now assuming, a worst case scenerio when out of every 8 not-so-sure answers, one is correct (in case i consider it as normal distribution, with a big samlpe size, i should be using the factor of 3 but let me be pessimist). Total number of fluke-correct answers = 80/8=10 Which takes the tally to the 170 which is bit more than 70 percent in total. I have included alot of fat in my estimates. For example, ethics. no way that i am doubtful about 12. I was only doubtful regarding 7-8, but no harm in considering worst case scenerio.