Did you get a survey?

Just curious, did anyone receive a survey request yet? Or am I a little too early on this yet?

remember we all learned from last year, that, if you don’t get a survey it’s because you failed.

It does not mean anything.

Okay - I might have been a little facetious on that part.

I got my survey June 22 last year

no survey and didn’t pass last year (L3)

Did you pass Level I when you got your results in July then? :wink:

somehow most of my friends has received 2nd survey since June 13th but i haven’t. quite nervous because during the exam, some procters gathered around the desk behind me (imo)

Receiving the survey has got nothing to do with whether you will pass or fail. IMO, The CFA Institute randomly select candidates to whom they send the pre-exam and post exam survey.

Level 1 survey did not received - PCP investigation than get pass result

Level 2 survey received - Pass

Level 3 survey received just now - ???

I just got the survey. Not sure if it means anything. My guess is it means nothing…

I just received a survey, however it says “dear x, as you know, you have been randomly selected to participate in this year’s pre and post survey”.

Don’t think this means anything as I did a survey pre exam

Level I - received survey June 22, 2016. Outcome: Passed.

Level II - received survey moments ago today. Outcome: to be determined.

Did yours say pre and post survey? What were the first few lines? Interesting to see whether they sent different versions around

I had the “Pre” and “Post” exam surveys both years (this year and last year).

I got pre and post survey last year. The post survey request came around 3rd week of June ( probably they send the request once they have seen our exam scores). I think you can provide your feedback in this post survey request so that they can gather facts and complaints about the exam , questions and other issues and report it to committee who determine the adjustment and other matters before submitting the final report to the board. The sample could contains at least 5% of the exam writers and the report would reflect or mimic the population who wrote the exam. If you see the time line on the CFAI website ( exam day to final result) , you will find out they have 3rd and 4th week reserved for preparation of exam report.

Any way , I received the request last year and failed @ score band 10. But they are student who received the survey and passed. So don’t worry if you haven’t received anything from CFAI.

Received pre/post as well. Didn’t do the pre, but after the exam I wanted to tell them truly what I thought about it so I did the post. Also ripped Vitalsource apart and asked them to consider switching. I had nothing but problems with them and would gladly prefer alternatives going forward.

I’m glad you ripped Vitalsource, I never could synch highlights after multiple contacts with support. We need a pdf system, not a PO$ eReader. I got the post-survey, don’t recall getting the pre-… Band 9 repeater…

Got pre and post (yesterday) survey.

Never got one when I passed level 1 so doubt it means anything

I got a survey last week.

But stop freaking out folks. If you look at the exam timeline, CFA Institute has not even determined what the MPS is by this point =D

Doesn’t mean they can’t send the emails out to the top 10% of scores etc - which if you’re in the top 10% of scored you automatically pass.