Did you guys do all the EOC questions?

Hi guys, congrats to all the Dec L1s! Reading the feedback looked like most people felt pretty good. I’m prepping for June 2011 L1 and just wondering if you guys did all the official CFA EOC questions front to back. I have been doing them all for Quant, but they are super long and drawn out. I suspect the Quant ones are worse than most other sections, but maybe I’m wrong… I’m using the Elan guide and also Elan EOC questions…are these representative of the actual test, or should I spend serious time on the Cirriculum EOC as well? Don’t mind doing them, but more just interested in seeing what worked for you guys. Thanks!

All multiple choice EOC and review them too … For those that were not multiple choice, it depends on the reading. For example, in reading on statistics, I didn’t do any of long problems because I used to work as tutor for statistics classes in my undergrad. For other sections, like equity, I used to practice some and whenever I get bored from answering I would make sure to read the solution of the question so in general yeah do all of them :slight_smile: I would say: spend serious time on CFAI EOC and Elan mock exams and you should be golden :slight_smile:

I did all of the multiple choice CFAI EOC questions (none that weren’t mc). I think out of any mc questions you can do, they are the most important as they are questions put out by CFAI. No test prep providers can be more on point than CFAI themselves. I think it is especially important if you are primarily using a test prep provider. It helps to ensure that you aren’t missing out on anything crucial.

Agree with both replies. By all means use the study guides, however there’s so much time between here and the June exam that it’s best to be thorough and do the CFAI questions. I skipped most of these because I tried to cram all the material in 2 and half months and now wondering whether some of the PM session questions may have been worded similar to the CFAI EOC questions.

Definitely attempt all the EOC questions at least once, but don’t kill yourself going over them while you review. About a third of the problems are qualitative (explain this, define that) and another third are super long and look nothing like the questions on the actual exam.

I went through all of the EOC questions. If a EOC question was solved the same way as a previous question then I did not go through the work of solving it again. When I did the mocks I would write a “?” mark next to the question if I didn’t know it and a “-” if I wasn’t sure about the answer. (All of my Mocks were pdfs) After I completed the exam I marked a question with an “X” if I got it wrong. This helped me when it was time to review since I could focus on the questions that I marked. I only completed 2.5 mocks before the exam but it still took a long time to review. Good luck in your studying!

I did ALL of the EOC questions and at first they seemed too easy, but then I started to notice that they were drawing out as much material from the chapter as they could. It’s a really good way of realizing what CFAI wants you to know. Even with the non-multiple choice questions, I wouldn’t exactly write them out, but I’d take time to think about how I would write the answer if I did have to write it out… just like Level 2 makes you do. After I finished the questions, I’d go through the answers, and even if I knew I got a question right, I’d still read their explanation of the answer because they go a bit deeper into the logic behind why the answer is what it is. I would say if you want the best chance at passing, these are your priority questions.

Definitely agree with everyone here. Spend as much time on these as you can!