did you take it at javitts before?

what do i need to know about that place? ticket says 11th ave and 35th st. doesnt specify which entrance, where to go, etc. anyone have tips for landmarks or anything of the sort…or just get to the lobby and ask someone

I haven’t taken there but I did go to autoshow there, it’s huge can’t miss it. Go as ticket says 35th and 11th, I think it’s one of the entrances. I’m sure you’ll see huge crowds when you get there.

Just tell the cab driver “javits center” if he doesn’t know where it is… get a different cab. the place is huge, and a LOT of stuff goes on there.

I took Level I at Javits. Best way to get there is by cab as crosstown buses are a pain on 42nd St. The place is huge, but you will know where to go, there are signs. Also, there are a lot of personnel there that can direct you to where you belong.

i’d never be caught dead on a nyc bus. sitting there watching people dip their metrocards 1 by 1? f that.