Did you take meticulous Level 1 notes?

I just finished writing the level 3 exam and now with all my spare time I am looking at putting together a level 1 review course that is both thorough and affordable. I know some of you out there are meticulous in your note taking and have done an excellent job taking detailed notes. Here is what I am looking for: 1) Notes done on a per LOS structure. 2) Thorough notes that can easily be expanded and cleaned up into a high quality product. Optional: 1) Typed in word would be preferable but a scanned hand written file is fine. 2) Ideally from this year I would be interested in purchasing or entering into some sort of licensing agreement. I am flexible. If you are interested please email me at CFANOTES [@] bigfoot.com Regards, Stephen PS If you would be interested in writing questions for this project please email me. I would be willing to pay on a per questions basis.

i have a 120 page level I outline that rocks! ill email it over

Yeah I bought some notes – they’re called Schweser.