Didn't use No 2 Pencil. Problem?

In my haste I just picked some type of pencils and used them. It didn’t say No. 2 on them. Has this ever been an issue? Thanks

Did it say “crayola” on it?

Dreary, buddy, this is not good. Unless you use No 2 pencil, they will just take your exam, roll it up and shove it up … ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H ehm, sorry, throw it away. As I said, not good, my friend …

well i dont think so its going to be a problem… coz offcourse to a naked eye… there is no difference. the real question is “will the system be able to read your scantron??” if yes then you are good… and now that i recollect… i had asked this question to my instructor in school and he said… use watever you want but pray the computer can read. And its assumed that #2 works the best… dont worry !!

I use pens and finger paint.

you’ll be fine man, as long as you pressed hard when filling in the circles the scanner will pick it up

Keeping track of all CFAI policies ain’t easy, and adhering to them is even more difficult.

Sorry friends, what is this about ? I am new so if someone can guide will appreciate. thx

I used the clicker pencils with lead for 3 exams now. Passed 2 and doubt I failed the first one because of the wrong pencil.

Number 2 pencil just has the ‘shininess’ that is easiest for a scanner to read. Ink won’t get picked up, but other graphite should come through without issue. The number of the pencil just has to do with how hard the graphite is.

i’ve never even seen a non-no. 2 pencil

Yea, I’m having a hard time figuring out where you got a non-#2 pencil. Did you not purchase some pencils the day before the test?

If the pencils are stamped HB, that is practically the same as #2. Even if not, if they are graphite and you made sure your marks were dark, you should be fine.

This is what happens during the wait for the results…you start remembering every little detail of the exam and see if you did it wrong. Relax and enjoy the next two weeks! You’ll be buried in books in no time!

The number of the pencil doesn’t matter, just how dark your marks are. With higher numbers it’s harder to make a dark mark… but if you do it will be read just as well.