This Dietz stuff in GIPS - do we need to calculate it?

modified dietz yes, i believe.

bigwilly are you sure?? I thought we only need to know RE stuff… not modified dietz itself…

modified dietz is allowed until __________?? I wan to say 2010. But I could be wrong. Also I believe they had a problem in the CFAI problesm.

Yea I thought we didnt need to know that

It’s easy if I remember, you are just Day weighting the CF in the denominator…

bigwilly you will still use dietz after 2010, to calulate money weigted return on days when no large external cashflows took place

Mod Dietz is like TWR, so I am sure you have to calculate it.

Alrighty Then…

i think it specifically says that firm can use discretion to determine which cashflows are considered “large”. Same thing as it doesnt make economic sense to vote all proxies

For large 10% is a good rule of thumb to go by. I believe that is what they recommend and I believe our firm uses that rule, but I dont know as I dont do that stuff.

pimp Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > This Dietz stuff in GIPS - do we need to calculate > it? It’s not too difficult. Just remember to include the CF on a time-weighted basis in the denominator.