Difference between Credit and ABS Analyst Roles

Hi All,

I’ve been in the market for a while for new jobs and the opportunity to interview for an ABS Research position . Can someone explain the differences between an ABS analyst and a credit analyst. From my research so far, I believe that an ABS analyst would focus more on the sturcture of the deal whereas a credit analyst will focus on a companies financials. Is this a correct perspective?

I think my ultimate goal is to end up in a leverage finance fund so I’m conscious of the experience (or lack of) that a position as an ABS analyst would offer…


I am by no means an expert in the ABS or credit space, but I would add to what you said with analyzing the securities backing the ABS whether they be loans, receivables, etc. Knowing how to analyze those types of credits I would think is just as beneficial, if not moreso, than just being able to analyst the structure of the ABS.

Maybe that is what you meant when you typed this up, but that’s my two cents.

I think google has both those positions available.