difference between fund accountant & portfolio administrator

Hi guys, i am just curious as to the difference between these two roles. I know these are both back office roles but is one of them better then the other in terms of knowledge/skills learned and which one would look better on your resume.

Portfolio Administrator is a lot better, because you will deal more with PMs and Traders and the software that you will use will be more relevant to finance than accounting side. Fund Accounting is very routine as soon as you have learned the “process” in becomes very mind numbing. Also fund accounting does not directly teach you anything about finance, you will only see the operations side of funds, and most people in fund accounting , if you ask them “why was this or that done a certain way?” will tell you not to worry about it and to just go and post an accounting entry :slight_smile: Even thought I’m more familiar with fund accounting, portfolio administration looks more promising, nevertheless it is also heavily on the operations side, and you will look to move away from both of these positions in the future. In the end if you are deciding between these two positions, I’d advise you to go with Portfolio Administration. Both jobs are just “alright” nothing special, but assuming you aren’t coming out of top school at the top of your class, just like myself and most other people, these jobs are just as good as any other entry level jobs (and a lot of people get even crappier jobs out of university), just don’t stay in these positions too long…

Fund accounting and portfolio administration are two terms that describe exactly the same thing.