Difference between Schweser and CFAI books

I heard that there are some differences between Schweser and CFAI books (CFAI books cover more than Schweser notes). I only finished Schweser quants note and didn’t see a lot of differences. For anyone who had gone through all materials, are you willing to share what you know about the differences between Schweser notes and CFAI books? Are there a lot of differences or can I just ignore them since Schweser doesn’t feel that those points are not important enough to be tested? Since I don’t really have a lot of time to study, I didn’t plan on reading CFAI books. Thanks a lot!

All the fluff is gone, Schweser has everything that will be tested.

Word of warning - Schweser has everything that they think will be tested. I friend of mine did Level one 2 years ago from CFAI and Schweser products, he said that all of his study partners that only used the Schweser products had a real hard time with some questions because Schweser filtered out some stuff when they got rid of the “fluff”. Things may have changed - but worth using it with your eyes open. My view on it anyway

I am using Stalla and CFA and feel that 98% of the *LOS* material on CFA is in Stalla. Anyone else feel this way?

I used both for my L1 preparation and passed. I’ve heard of many people passing the exam with just the Schweser notes, so it is possible. However, unless you have an extensive finance background, I probably wouldn’t recommend ignoring the CFAI Text. One thing I’ve noticed is that there were some questions that came directly from the text (some in the “fluff” mentioned above). Schweser is great tool to use as a study supplement, but I probably wouldn’t use it as a substitute for the text. The text will provide a deeper understanding of the information, and a deep understanding is what is needed for many of the types of questions you’ll see on the exam. Just my two cents. Regardless of what you choose to do, good luck.

The thing is with the amount of material in the CFA text, you probably will have a hard time remembering it… I’m working on mastering what I know.

If you have a working knowledge of all of the material presented in Schweser or Stalla, you will be fine. There might be things in the CFAI books that aren’t in these abbreviated notes, but if you know 100% of everything in the notes, I can’t see you being disappointed with your results. My $.02.