Difference between Schweser Notes and CFA notes

Has anyone noticed any topics which are missing in Schweser notes and are in CFAi material? while revising some topic yesterday i noticed the section in quant on computing FV for continous compounding was missing in Schweser notes while it was there in CFAi material? There was also a question on this in the 2012 Mock Exam. Please let me know if anyone has noticed anyother topic or correct me if i am wrong on missing the topic in Schweser notes. Maybe i looked at my books longer to have missed it.

Please let me know !!

calculation of a continuously compounded rate is included in the QM readings in Schweser, as well as numerous QBank questions.

Thanks for the information. Like i said i looked at the Schweser notes a bit too much to realize its all there. Thanks !!

Book #1, SS #3, Reading #9 “Common Probability Distributions”, page 262.

The contango and backwardation is missing in Schweser (there is a flashcard about it and that’s all) - not that it would be in one of the 12 derivatives questions but you never know…

Contango/Backwardation is discussed in the final reading “Investing in Commodities” LOS A. on page 281.

Yup, you’re right, I guess I missed the 2 1/2 pages