Difference between "Valuation Analyst" and "Financial Analyst"

Can someone please clarify something for me?

My title at work is “valuation analyst.” I work with private companies to derive a value for their stock for various minority interest transactions/mergers/sales.

I came here fresh from college and I’ve been here two years. When I was first hired, I changed my LinkedIn profile to reflect the new position but used “financial analyst” as my position. I did this thinking it was just a more general description of my position. I pay very little attention to LinkedIn and my check once a month at most - so I don’t care much about it.

Yesterday, my boss asked me over to his office and shut the door. Obviously I grew nervous, wondering what this could be about. He wound up chewing me out because my LinkedIn profile misrepresented both my position and the firm as a whole (there is no “financial analyst” position at our firm). I didn’t ask why and told him I’d change it. Again, I didn’t intend to misrepresent, I just wanted a more general description of my position to avoid possible questions.

What I’m asking is this - what the hell am I missing here? Why would he be so upset? This is the first time in two years I’ve been reprimanded and my boss (the president) is generally a very gracious and fair employer. I trust there’s justification for this but fail to recognize it myself. Can anybody offer me any insight?

A finanical analyst typically compiles financial information from a variety of departments/sources and uses it to create projections, historic performance tracking, new product analyses, etc. Your boss was technically right, although probably a bit over the top.

Your boss is an ass.

Power trip at its best.

Boss: 1

Pedobear: 1

You: -1

“Financial analyst” can mean anything. I’m sure there are other companies where people do the same job as you but are called “financial analysts”.

Maybe there is something specific in your boss’ mind that makes him upset about this.

^ “financial analyst” is not a title used within the business valuation industry. Firms that do other types of consulting in addition to valuation might use it, but not pure valuation shops.


Factually correct.

Actually, some IBs in Continental Europe call their analysts “financial analysts”.

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I work at a small valuation shop and my starting title was financial analyst. Now I’m a senior analyst. The guy above me is a senior manager. Then the owners/founders are principals. AFAIK, there aren’t really standard titles within the valuation profession. I think my boss just picked some that sounded good to him. Seems like your boss needs to relax.