Differences between 2009 and 2010??

Hi, There are a lot of differences between the Schweser notes of 2009 and the 2010? Do you think it will be ok to complete the Schweser notes 2009 with the CFA books of 2010? Thanks

I don’t think there’s a ton of differences between the two sets of notes. I actually mistakenly ordered the June 2010 study notes and used them for the Dec 2009 sitting. The 2010 notes covered all of what I needed to know for the Dec 09 sitting though I can’t say for the other way around. It’s a risk to take when trying to save some money.

There’s a very INSIGNIFICANT difference for Level I in the Curriculum. Certain LOS have been added but these LOSs were already covered in the O9 readings; Just that no LOS specifically addressed them.

I think most parts of changes are from FAS, you can go to stalla web site to see the LOS difference.

Here’s: http://beta.stalla.com/pdf/level1_10.pdf I have got also the Schweser study notes 2009, do you really think that it’s worth to purchase the 2010 package?! Thanks

OK…I had the same question…I have Schweser 2009 notes for CFA L2…Can I use those for 2010? I am sure there are differences between 2009 and 2010, but was wondering if they are substantive? I looked at the comparison on Stalla’s website and it says 228 LOS have changed. This seems like a very high number. Any one care to share some light on this?

If you started learning already with level I of 2009 (and worked through the old books already), then just go for it and do not change to the 2010 curriculum. There are just a few changes, as the others pointed out. Daniel www.financial-exam.com

Thanks Daniel.

i guess i saw the changes on finquiz


Zain Zafar Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > www.finquiz.com/tips/level1 This is great!! Thanks.

On the Stalla website it says that the readings haven’t changed… does this mean the readings from the CFAI texts haven’t changed? Or the readings from the Stalla notes haven’t changed? Or maybe neither have changed? Thanks!!

it looks like they just changed around the categories of some LOS, but most if not all the material is the same, just placed in different parts.