differences between CFA L3 2011 and 2012

Are there any differences between these years, readings, topics? Retakers please help with pointing this out.

I want to use the Schweser material for this summer and I don’t know if something major changed.


see this link. http://www.finquiz.com/cfa_level_3_curriculum_changes_2011_2012

Very Helpful, thanks sherbeer. I guess I have to read the CFA book for Level 3 then.

Thanks for the answer. I noticed that the major change is the removal of five readings.This is good news.

Thanks! Good link

Keep in mind that it is not only the readings that change, LOS’s also change in a substantial way. I would not rely on old Schweser Notes. The Schweser Notes are not that much shorter than the CFA textbooks any way. If you are starting now, you will have plenty of time to read the textbooks. Good luck!