Differences in material from 2010

Does anyone know if there are any differences in the material from last year? I am using the 2010 notes and CFAI books to work problems. If anyone knows of any material changes it would be great to know.

The main thing that I’m aware of is the two new FRA sections (long lived assets, and inventories). That stuff should be review from level 1 for you tho. I bombed lvl 2 FRA last year, but was able to do all the EOCs for those 2 new study sessions without even reading the material. weeell… i glanced at a couple paragraphs, but that was like 5-10 minutes tops.

* 2 new readings i should say, it’s only one new study session

theres also a new chapter on corporate finance : divident policy …l.

there are end of chapter questions in chapter 26 in 2011. not in 2010.

also use new 10th edition of standards of practise handbook.