Differences in question difficulty

Hello all, Can anyone tell me if each of the following questions are easier than, on par with, or more difficult than actual CFA Level I exam questions? - Schweser Study Notes Q within text (concept checkers, comprehensive probs, self tests) - SchweserPro Question Bank questions - Schweser Practice Exams Volumes 1 and 2 - CFAI in-text end of readings questions - CFAI Mock Exams - CFAI Sample Exams Thanks to all who reply.

im sure most people have done most or all of these types of questions. can anyone at least comment on which types of questions are most or least likely like real exam questions? thanks.

i say the cfai sample questions were most like the test questions… all together the schwesers were not too much harder. i only tested on medium and hard questions and never went for the easy ones. i was scoring over 70-80% on most exams around exam time and in mid-high 60’s in the sample mocks a week or two before exam.

hey skipE, it seems that you are saying that all the schwesers questions were slightly more difficult, since you write “schwesers were not too much harder.” if so, then how come you were scoring 70-80 on schwesers but 60s on cfai mock exams?