different approach?

I couldn’t get through this time - from a band 4 in 17 to a band 10 i think ( MPS and my score was almost the same). Pretty disappointed to miss it after coming close. Now about my previous attempt: did all eoc, blue boxes , topic test , 6-8 mocks , IFT question banks, also read schweser and solved its questions n mocks. I thought this would be sufficient but it didn’t. What else do i do or what do i change to make sure i get a comfortable pass in 19( i have a promise to keep :slightly_smiling_face: ). I plan to start next week. Thanks in advance.

Some things which worked for me this year: 1. Keep a notebook with all the key points from every topic (4-8 pages per topic). This makes reviewing very easy. Just glance through the notes every night before bed.

  1. Focus on the qualitative more than the quantitative. It takes a long time to fully grasp something like triangular arbitrage, or binomial tree valuation, but you’ll only likely get 1-2 questions (if any at all). On the other hand, memorizing definitions and qualitative model properties is much simpler, and easy to keep a list of.

You’re very close. You just need one more whack at this pinada.

You’re so close. I’d say do the EOC questions 2-3 times and do the mocks again twice. All that repetition makes you less likely to get caught in traps and allows you to get significantly faster. Speed on easy ones (which are easy because you practiced so much and know the details) allows you to take the time to think through and focus on the harder ones.

Since you should have more time this go around, I’d read a summary like Kaplan Schweser’s secret sauce to help synthesize the material. All that practice, in addition to the qualitative knowledge suggestions from the poster above, should hopefully put you over the edge.



Man, sorry george… Based on your scroresheet, you are 1 pt away from passing.> That just sucks… This is where retabulation might have a chance.