Different definitions of Debt in EV and FCFs models

Guys, while checking 2012 mock I made 2 erros in a thing I was quite sure I got a good hande on, namely:

  1. Calculating value of the firm using FCFF and then subtracting debt to get equity value. Here answers said that debt = long-term debt + notes payables + account payables. (I don’t like the last one)

  2. Calculating EV. Here, accoring to answers, debt = long-term debt only. (why don’t include short-term debt, which is essentially current portion on long-term debt?)

For reference, it was afternoon session set #6.

Can anyone please explain me those differences in definition of debt in different formulas??

This is something I have always found confusing as well.

I’ve also run through CFA text and found no clear cut answer. No BB, no EOC.

Does anyone know what is going on here?

Maybe now someone can help??