Different Exams? How then do you grade on a curve?!

Am I reading correctly - were there different versions of the exam? If so, please explain to me how they can fairly grade on a curve?

The questions are more or less the same. When you are asked what X does when Y rises, they will ask what X does when Y drops in the other version. The same question, basically.

Add all the scores up and then take 70% OF 1% OR whatever formula they use.

I think they are simply re-ordered so that you cannot just copy off the guy next to you.

I didn’t realize there are different versions, that is kind of stupid, doesn’t really seem fair to me.

there are in fact different questions. I think the Hong Kong version didnt’ have an inflation pass through question (if we did I forgot)… and there are some of the other questions that you guys were talking about, like the quiet period in Ethics, etc… those were not on the HK version.

Agreed, I took the exam in SIngapore which I believe is the same as Hong Kong and we didn’t see the quiet period question on Ethic