Different takes from prep providers on Relevancy of past AM exams

Some providers (IFT, Level Up) are saying go back as far as your can, some are saying go back to 2010 (Schweser, Financial Talent Exchange), while others are saying only go back 3-4 years (Mark Meldrum). Thoughts?

Some topics remain unchanged for long periods of time (10 years or more), while others change frequently. If you go back more than 3 - 4 years, you will definitely hit questions on topics that are no longer in the curriculum, but there will also be questions that are still relevant. The farther back you go, the more you need to be able to discern which questions are still relevant.

I know that Levelup bootcamps provides a comprehensive exam book with 15+ years of past morning exams and answers, all organized by study session, and only including prior problems that are still in the current material. I strongly recommend getting levelup for this in addition to the video series.

I’ve worked with Marc in the past: he knows his .