Different techniques to answering a Vignette

Schweser recommends reading the question first and skimming the vignette for the answer. For those who took L2 last year can you share your approach or any advice with regards to time management? Thanks

I took the test last year, and I still can’t figure out the best way to approach them. My approach was to skim the questions…and I mean very lightly skim them. Then I went back to the vignette. I read the questions just to get an idea about what the vignette was about, so that when i started reading the vignette I understood what John Smith was up to. But like I said, I still can’t get a firm belief one way or another about what the best approach is. FYI, Peter Olinto from Stall recommends reading the vignette first. I am interested if anyone has a strong conviction about what the best way is.

I highly recommend that you read the questions first… it primes your thought processes and let’s you save ALOT of time. I had over 40 minutes left at the end of each paper. Here is a step by step: 1) Skim read the questions 2) Use a pencil to underline anything which you feel is relevant to answering the questions as you read the vignette. This saves you time so you can quickly refer back to your potential answers. 3) Don;t waste too much time focused on one vignette… there are other equally important points to score from the remaining vignettes 4) For any questions that you are uncertain about, GUESS!! Mark the question paper with a Question Mark 4) with the extra time you have at the end, return to the Question Marks and reread the vignette… sometimes a fresh reread can really help you see things more clearly. Best of luck