Different Testing Strategies

From my testing, I have observed the following based on the different sample tests: a) Q-Bank- Quick questions that test singular concepts. Tend to be more conceptual and less calc intensive. b) Book 6- Tests seem to be very calc heavy, questions are long and take a good amount of time to digest, understand and solve. Most questions test multiple concepts. c) CFAI Sample tests: Tend to be mostly conceptual. Calc questions appear to be quick solve and not multiple steps. I am not sure what the actual test structure will be most like, however, I would assume that it will not be as calc intensive as the Schweser Bk 6 exams. I am going to spend the next week: Reviewing all content at a high level, pounding the Q-Bank and doing the CFAI exams. I may do one more BK 6 exams. Anyone else have any input on these materials?

do anything that reinforces your concepts, as malnoll who passed it in june (and other people on this forum) say that calculations are minimum. know the effects of anticipated vs. unanticipated expansionary etc. on unemployment, price levels, etc. also know the ROE inside and out and effects of changes on the ratios. know effects on yield and price of option-embedded vs. option free bonds just me 2 cents.