Differentiation focus, cost focus

Am I the only one that just want to spit on these questions? has anyone come up with good explanation/distinction for Differentiation, differentiation focus, cost focus, cost leadership?

no. i can either go 1/6 or 6/6 on any given day. and you just KNOW it will be on the test.

At this point I’m more afraid of the other subjective monster…PM - Investor Policy.

agreed. that may be a section that has even more grey areas than comp. strategy. 1/6 to 6/6 there as well. F8ck.

Is there any real “tells” that give you any insight into what a Differentiation vs. Differentiation Focus is? On the Mock/Samples, they all seemed like they could go either way.

There was a question on Schweser. The company is called Pineapple and all it does is selling Pineapple products by claiming some superior quality. I went with differentiation focus since I figure there can’t be that many pure pineapple companies around, but Schweser went with just differentiation. I tore that page out after I saw their explanation.

This should seriously be removed from the curriculum.

Focus should be a specific segment/niche/subsector within a industry. Focus Differentiation: Ferrari (Super Cars) Differentiation: BMW (Full Line Luxury Cars) Stuck in the middle: Any shitty domestic. Cost Focus: I don’t know… Lata? And ya PM scares me into my depends, if I have to differentiate between average and above average risk tolerance I’m in trouble.