Difficult choice

Hey all,

I have a question related to taking up a potential position at a new employer. The job itself is in the city I of my choice though the job itself I am not convinced about. Basically, it is gathering and amending documentation on the credit side (Officially called mid-office). Currently, I live about 2 hours from this city and am in a front office credit structuring side with capital markets and client exposure. Even though I would love to move in to this city I am worried I might pigeon hole myself in this job completely- note I have no legal background. Any clues as to take the offer or not? On a side note there are very few finance roles generally where I am.

Never move from front office to the back office dude.

Unless your current company is truly hacksaw or in an extreme backwaters location, this sounds like a bad idea.

Yes its a bit of a tricky one. Basically there are so few finance jobs where I am so im thinking I could take the job in this new city where I want to be and then possibly move into a similar front office job after two years. On the other hand im thinking it might look a bit of a odd move

It’s probably going to be harder to move back into a “front office” job from this sort of back office work, even if you are in the same city. There are some exceptions, like if someone at the company really loves you and recommends you to all his local buddies. Don’t count on that though.

Why not just apply to front office jobs in the city of your choice? Be patient.