Difficulty in FRA

I am facing a lot of trouble with FRA and was thinking to leave FRA for the last.
Which other topics borrow concepts from FRA? If a topic uses FRA concepts heavily then I’ll have to do it after FRA.

P.S. I am from an engineering background so I have no prior experience with commerce/accounting concepts.

Hello there,

To be fair, there aren’t any other areas that rely on FRA knowledge. But there are crossovers. In fixed income, learning how to price bonds will help with accounting for bonds and vice versa. In corporate finance, learning FRA will help with the working capital reading which contains some ratio calculation. Similarly knowledge of ratio analysis from FRA is helpful to provide context for some of the valuation material in Equity Investments.

That said, personally I’d never recommend leaving such a large section until the end, it can be overwhelming. A much better approach is to interleave FRA with other topics. Don’t set yourself the goal of learning all of FRA in, let’s say, three weeks. Instead, aim to pick up one or two readings every week or so. If you sprinkle it in amongst other areas you’re more comfortable with it’ll seem much less daunting.

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Thanks a lot @BionicTurtleRichie this sounds good.

No problem, enjoy!