difficulty level increased?

Anyone feels like the difficulty level of AM has increased over the yrs, finding the exams prior to 2010 easier compared to most recent ones

I don’t feel that way - my best performance was on the 2012 AM, followed by 2013 and 2009, respectively. 2008 and 2009 gave me a little more trouble.

I thought 2012 was quite tough, that last question had me tearing my hair out.

of the others I’ve done 2006 was by far the easiest, hit an 80%. For 07,08,10 & 12 I was between 55-60% for all of them.

still got 09, 11 and 13 to do. If I don’t get >70% on them I may cry…

Would you guys say you found it useful going further back than the three years of AM sessions CFA publish?

Very useful, espacially due to IPS sections (at least for me).

http://www.analystforum.com/profile/cgottuso8190 gonna crush it. throwing $100 on it

I can throw $10000 on it… :wink:

anyway i could get 2006 or 2005 am session?

I feel like its similar for each year, but my scores differed because some hit weak areas and some didnt.

Of course it will be harder this year. They dropped a decent chunk of material and it wasn’t exactly easy.

'05 & '06 AM exams


Last year’s AM is basically my dream scenario. DB plan, econimcs, index construction, immunization, etc… My only weakness on it was ERM.


Agreed with Chuckrox8, that’s why I expect Ethic or GIPS on the AM :smiley: (nightmare)

Yea i did fairly well on it too…makes me concerned about this years!

i feel the opposite. did really bad on 2010 sample. relatively fine on '11-'13