Difficulty Levels for the Qbank & My Strategy (Help!)

Guys, Ive been reading the CFA1 text for quite a long time. Going through my schweser review text and using a bit of Qbank. Have solved 200 questions from the qbank in total yet. Still unsure about the difficulty level of the qbank. I mostly solve questions with a mix of both intermediate and advanced levels of difficulty. Are the difficulty levels well enough to prepare me for the exam? One thing more, My strategy is to keep revising my material again and again and in the last 20 days focus on the 3 practice exams from the schweser, qbank and mock exam from the cfa institute. Is this ok? Seeking advice!

If you use the generic setting of the qbank and just solve questions you will find them a little easier than the Schweser and CFA mocks. Do as much from the qbank as humanly possible until exam day. I cannot stress that enough.