Difficulty of AM vs PM

To my surprise, I found PM pretty difficult as compared with the AM session. Honestly, after L2 I thought PM session would be a piece of cake as it will be fairly easier but it made me realize then and there itself that I’m most likely failing. Did anyone else find PM more difficult ?

We’re all burnt out talking about the exam on AF. There are threads that have covered this in great detail.

there was a PM session?

We will all find out if there really was after a month

You willing to bet on it? $1,000.00 says I passed.

Child please. Momma ain’t raise no b!sh. Life will go on if I fail anyways.

Is there a designation for keyboard warriors?? Lol

Then let’s have fun with it and put money on the line? I don’t consider myself untouchable. But, I do consider myself better than you if you’re going to get so upset over the fact I called you cheap for not being able to spend $350.00 on CFA membership and then downvote 200 of my posts.

Level 3 PM is way underrated in difficulty. The cliche is that the average successful candidate fails miserably on AM and then gets 80+ on PM to escape with a pass. I’ve never agreed with the notion that PM is easy, or that 80+ is attainable except for the absolutely most skilled of candidates.

AM is easier to the extent that you’ll recognize the material and have some idea for an answer. The problem is that they grade it very hard and want precisely what they want and won’t accept anything else. There are many (perhaps most) of the PM questions though (especially ethics) where you might as well try to eliminate 1, do a 50/50 and hope for the best. People score better on PM, but only because you’re going to get 33% right no matter what. Not necessarily so on AM.

As for the bet, I don’t gamble, but if I did, I’d put my money on CEO 10-K DAY passing.

Play nicely, children, or I’ll have to separate you.

why cant i see fudi_kaur’s posts in this thread?

The account appears to have vanished.

It was a troll all along. With cheap slang

Calm down guys! We’re all here to help and support each other ,brother and sister. Don’t forget why we’re here.

as ive re-hashed many times on AF:

AM seemed straightforward. left maybe 5ish pts blank but felt darn good on most things.

PM was brutal . absolutely crushing. ethics…my goodness.

for reference, i got a 43 and a 44/60 on the two CFAI mocks which everyone agreed were difficult.

hoping for a pass.