difficulty of cfai and schweser EOC questions??

Guys wut is the diffulty level of the offical CFAI end of chapter questions and the schweser end of chapter questions?? are these comparable, in difficulty level, what we face in the real exam for level 1 ??

Schwesser EOC questions are quite easy compared to other questions as material is fresh and they are trying more to reinforce concepts than test you on material, CFAI I did some but not all questions and they were a bit more difficult but alot of simple concept reinforcing questions. CFAI for ethics are the best proxy for that section. Hope this is helpful info.

@swatty27 then from where should i practice the questions?? also the CFAI eoc are not multiple choice as in the case of schweser… wut to do buddy??? *PEACE*

I am not saying not do the EOC questions, just that realistically the Schweser EOC questions are not a good proxy for the questions on the CFA exam as the CFAI curriculum questions are. Schweser Q-bank was helpful as well the best proxy is the CFAI mock exams. Schweser practice tests are also good for practice I would invest in the practice exams Vol 1&2. My prep was reading all schweser notes + doing EOC questions and Q-bank test after each section. Then redid some reading in CFAI texts and did those questions on troublesome areas, then just Q-bank, Schweser practice tests and CFAI mock exam to finalize prep. Hopefully this was successful for getting me to pass.