difficulty of level 1

ok so i received the books like a weeg ago and have been studying since than…i have been doing good with the studies and have already reached the mid point of FRA… i just wanted to know about the difficulty level of the exams…lets say i do the question given at the end of each chapter and outta lets say 20 questions i get only 1 or atmost 2 questions wrong…am i doing really well? are the actual exam question par with the cfa material question or are they harder? i even tried schewser notes and there are too i got barely any questions wrong… so am i doing well or should i wait for the mock exams to assess my performance?

Schweser questions are too easy, CFA book EOCs are are good comparison.

You are doing good. When you do the questions just after reading the chapter, the accuracy should be around 90% which you are able to achieve. Generally this accuracy goes down to 80%-85% level when you try question after finishing one complete subject. And when we combine 10 subjects together, an accuracy of 75% should be fine with 3-5% standard deviation.

ah thanks than :slight_smile: looks like i am doing fine than…waiting for mock papers to come out though