Difficulty of mock exam

How would you rate the difficulty of the 2009 CFAI mock exam versus Schweser exams ? Easier, same or harder ? And is this is the first year they have a mock exam? (do they also have a 2008, 2007, etc.)

mock is easier

They are somewhat same level of difficulty. Mock is straight forward in most questions. Schweser exam questions can be quite verbose. I think including both AM and PM Sessions, i found CFAI mock exam covered pretty much all areas of study.

I find them about the same. Did anyone else find schweser vol 1 exam 2 alot easier then the rest?

I went on a tear on the AM and scored almost 60 in a row correct. I got a 89% on the AM, and a 80% on a PM. Overall, my average of 85% is consistent with my Schweser mock exams.

I just took the AM session of CFAI Mock. Scored a 65%. I scored culmulative 71, 73, 68 on Schweser Mock’s 1,2,3 Vol I respectively. Anyone experience anything similar.

I’m with you gongshow, I’ve gotta stop making stupid mistakes to get myself from that 67-68 range on the CFAI mock/samples up to that 74/75 range I’m getting on other mocks