Digital Studying?

Does anyone study using tools like an iPhone, Kindle or digital eBook, or their blackberry? I am trying to find a digital method to store all CFA info, so that in any spare time I can go back and review a few topics or refresh on some old stuff, without having to carry a bag around. Any suggestions on how you guys did it? Part of the reason I ask as well, is because I am eligible for a new cell phone and debating between an iPhone 3GS and the release of the Blackberry 9700 (Bold 2). Which would be a more effective study tool?

Bump, anyone got a suggestion? I assume some people on here have used cell phones to study in the past

What Level? This is a great tool to bookmark on your phone for Level 1.

yeah i use that at work since we are restricted from most sites. It would be for level 1. I need something to refresh / practice with. I think an iPhone is a worthwhile tool given the number of apps but I am a keen follower of consumer tech and the Blackberry 9700 is the real deal. Anyone use a blackberry to study?

There was a post on here about an iPhone CFA App not too long ago. CFA Formula ( may be worth checking out.

Jay, I am planning on writing notes using Microsoft OneNote, and then importing them onto my Evernote account. An Evernote app is available with for most smart phones. With evernote, you can sync with an iphone or blackberry (I have an iPod Touch but it works just as well) Hope this helps.

Thanks Garnopolis, looking forward to the notes. With people using their phone for just about anything, I think it is time Schweser acknowledges creating an app

I studied (and passed) for the June L1 exam all on my netbook from Schweser PDFs. It was much lighter than carrying around all the books.