Dilemma. Re-take this year?

Fellow CFA pain lovers,

Failed L2 band 5 last year. This year, I can start prep today and can put in 4 hrs until April 5, after that I will have no more than 2 hrs/day between April 5 and May 25. In the last week or two, I should be able to study full time. So should I take the L2 this year? And I have seen the material before.

Another option is to study and do the CAIA Level 1 between now and March 15. Let April/May pass by. And study for CAIA Level 2 starting mid-June for the September exam?



Do you work in Alternative Investments? Do you plan to? Do you even know what CAIA stands for? Or Are you just trying to collect as much alphabet soup as possible?

Moreover, why did you fail Band 5? (Note: I failed Band 10 once, simply because I ran out of time to study. But there’s a big difference between Band 10 and Band 5.) Is it because of a lack of effort on your part? Or is it because of a lack of ability? Why do you suppose it will change this year?

i think that’s very dangerous, 2 months of studying is not that much if you work full time.

i don’t know anything about CAIA, but for CFA L2, i think the chance of passing is slim.

thanks greenman and nana.

@greenman. band 5 because i used only a qbank. it was sufficient for L1 with 5 weeks on hand. however, i have 4 hrs a day now for 2.5 months. more but more than 4 in a day can be wasted time. about alternatives, i have a strong interest to move towards alternatives. for now, i do alternatives for myself.

@nana: 2.5 months (or 75 days) at 4 hours/day is 300 hours! still?

I thought you meant you can only study for 4 hours in total until April 5th!


haha. wouldn’t that be something!