Dilemma - Redo Mocks or add older ones

Hi all,

So far I have done :

  • 2015 PM Mock

  • 2014 AM

  • 2013 AM

On sunday night of this week, I will have also done 2012 AM and the second PM Mock.

So starting monday, I am thinking of either:

- redoing these a second time until friday

- or add 2011 AM, 2010 AM and 2009 AM (I don’t think that I could do more than that in 5 days with a decent correction process).

So basically the dilemma starting monday is cementing what I have done vs possibly exploring new topics that I suck at.

What do you guys think ?

New is better than old, like girlfriends.

i haven’t noticed drastic changes in IPS material over the years so I’d just pick out those questions from older mocks as well as redo-ing more recent ones again.


Txs for input.

Thing is, I will have time to either do older ones for the first time or redo the newest ones a second time…

I would skip through the older ones, especially to look for your weak areas (for me that would be behavioral). And read through each IPS story once and read the answer. The IPS on this exam will likely be a situation where previous issues are somehow mixed together. The more stories you’ve seen, the better you can answer the new one (my opinion).


You’ve still got the three versions of 2014 PM. I personally wouldn’t go over previous exams because you’ve already gone over them. As well, I’m trying to get enough experience as possible writing the AM session, so I would suggest you go back a few years for them.