Diluted EPS

I am confused. On the 7 City mock I took I got one of these wrong. The question had a stock ‘scrip’ and another one had a stock ‘bonus’. I had never heard of these before but assumed they were just like a dividend. On their answer key though, they applied the stock bonus only after discounting for the amount of months outstanding. So, if you had a 100,000 shares oustanding since July 1st and a 20% bonus on August 1st, they said you would do (100,000*50%)*1.20. This seems incorrect from the Schweser books. Also - I am rereading sections on diluted EPS and I can’t find anything regarding the most diluted options/prefs/convertibles and then recalculating EPS and then taking the next most dilutive… Is anyone sure that’s correct? Do you think they would do that on the exam?

I’m sorry for reposting this, but I noticed this is on the CFAI mock as well and I got this wrong. Do you take into account the stock split before or after you calculate the weighted average shares outstanding during the year. -So- if you have 100,000 common shares issued July 1st and on August 1st there is a 2 for 1 stock split is it: a) (100,000*1.5)*6/12 (This would seem right according to schweser) or b) (100,000*(6/12))*1.50 (This would seem right judging by 7 city and CFAI mock)

In the case of a stock split on 7/1 I think you should calculate it: (100,000 * 2) * 6/12. The adjustment for the split goes back to all shares outstanding earlier in the year. A stock “bonus” would not affect the previously issued/outstanding shares.