Diminishing marginal rate of retention

I have been through equity and fixed income last year… I see some of the posts here and all I think is… RIGHT… I have seen the formula some time in the past but have no idea what to do with it. Quant… did it last month and time series again kills me when I do practice Q’s. FSA is going in and out of my head while reading, pension fund accounting is really really boring. My hope of clearing L2 is slowly fading… hope you are feeling better about it!

I’m thinking I need to book off the first week in June and immerse my head in a bucket of CFA…

mcpass, i’m with you. it’s freaking discouraging. i just finished reading schweser. for the next month, i’ll be doing text questions and making flashcards. i hope that helps, but i can’t say i’m feeling confident about any of this right now. so. you’re not the only one feeling that way.

The last month is crucial to passing, in my opinion. What we are doing now is building the basis for pulling it all together over the last 5 weeks. Don’t feel bad if all of this is not committed to memory now; it will be by the first week of June. Keep going. The info is in your brain somewhere. More practice and more studying will bring it to the top.

I completely agree with eleven. When I was studying for L1, I think 3 weeks prior to the test I had a breakdown about not being able to pass the test (after a 47% on a Book 7 test). I was completely broken. For the next 3 weeks, I busted my ass and things quickly started to fall into place. You do not want your peak to happen now, you want it during the week of the exam. That one day is all that matters (for the CFA test that is).

book 7. what a nightmare that was.

then plyon would post his 90 on book 7 and make me want to kill myself.

And plyon was getting that while taking the test on his back porch in the sun while drinking some sierra nevada. Yea that was around the time.

moral of the story- drink more.

siiighhh…wish i wasn’t a non-alcoholic!