Diminishing Returns on Mocks?

I can’t recall from where, but I remember reading that incremental mock exams past 6 or so are pretty much uncorrelated with passing rates (though under that number did yield results).

I’ve done six full ones and I am just wondering if I am better off simply cramming for my weak areas by doing just those problems (and finally reading ethics). 6+ hours for yet another mock is starting to feel like overkill when there is such precious little time to revise anyway. I have a full day of work unfortunately, so I basically have a few hours tomorrow plus all day Thursday and Friday.

I realize we are all different and study differet, etc, but I am interested in your opinions. Thanks!

I’m done with mocks.

Doing some EOC on weak topics and then taking Friday off.

I have 1 mock left but am not going to take it. Having taken 7-8 now, I think my time is best spent reviewing the curriculum. If you’ve got 5-6 under your belt already, I don’t know what taking the 6th or 7th is going to do for you a few days before the exam.

I kind of suck at Time Series and the advanced stuff in Portfolio Management so I may try to get those down these last few days but I’m not sure that it’ll be a huge help. I also will also review the Elan 11th hour guide.

One thing that I think my time is best spent doing is reviewing some of the easy points I lost on mocks; the relatively simple calculations that I just didn’t know. These are convertible bond formulas (premium payback period), “cash flow and balance sheet accrual” formulas, pre and post valuations (alternatives), Economic Income vs. Economic Profit, PVGO, Market Value Added, Ex-Dividend price on different tax rates, etc. On each mock exam I took, I think I left 2-4 points on the table b/c I didn’t know relatively simple formulas. Those are some of the easier points on the exam, IMO.

Those are just my plans. I don’t think one more mock is going to help much. Try to clean up the easier stuff is my strategy at this point. Good luck!

wow - Tommy83 hit the nail on the head for me - same place… 7 mocks down and im over them now… just 11th hr and EOC CFAI questions for me now til friday 5pm